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Status Net Projectors are distributed World Wide by its associate company Ace Capture Equipment . See their web site for the most up to date capture tools available.

These are some examples of the Capture Tools that Status Guns designs.

Hand Held Fixed Net Projector Capture Tools

Most suitable for use from the ground, but can also be used from a vehicle, helicopter or up a tree. After each use the net canister has to be be repacked with the same net or another one; or the canister can be replaced with one all ready loaded with a net. This is the lightest, simplest, cheapest and the most easily handled Net Projector tool - but lacks the facility for rapid follow up shots.

Hand Held Breakaway Capture Tool

Ideal for use from a helicopter, vehicle or any place where the operator need not worry about bulk or weight of equipment. This Capture Tool is similar to the above type, but the projectors and net canister can be quickly removed and replaced with another set of projectors, net canister and loaded net. With practice a second shot can be achieved in under five seconds. This Capture tool is a little heavier than the fixed type and somewhat more complex.

Suspended Net Projector Tool

Suspended on a line strung between two trees or posts over a place animals are likely to walk. The trigger is baited with a favorite food of the quarry and is triggered by the animal when the bait is touched. It can also be triggered by a hidden operator pulling a string from some distance away, or by radio.

Net Capture Tools left unattended can be fitted with transmitters which signal triggering to a receiver up to 30 miles away. The receiver has twenty numbered circuits and can handle twenty unmanned Capture Tools.

Since animals caught with a suspended Capture Tool have not been frightened by pursuit or the presence of humans stress is minimal. Once entangled in the net the animal ceases to struggle, rolls into a comfortable position and can relax before humans appear. Further stress is reduced if the animal is left in the net while being transported to the place of liberation.

Suspended Capture Tool Features

* Low cost

* Easily portable

* Humane. Minimum stress to captured animal.

* Many capture tools can be controlled by one person.

* Virtually no disturbance to the environment.

* Versatility. Will capture a wide variety of species and can be Triggered by the animal, by the operator or remotely by radio.

* Guaranteed capture. The animal must be in the centre of the net to trigger the Capture Tool.

* Corrosion and maintenance free construction.

* Selective capture. The type of bait and the height at which it is suspended decides what animals will be caught.

* Shy animals which will not allow humans near them are easily caught.

Helicopter Skid Capture Tool

Similar in principal to the fixed net projector, it is mounted on a helicopter skid and triggered electronically or manually by the pilot.


Any number can be supplied for each Capture Tool. Mesh size and strength is varied to suit the animal or bird being captured.

General Information

Capture Tools operated from the ground have an effective range of about 20 metres. Used from the air the range, can be further depending on height. The suspended gun has a range of only about six metres since it is designed to project straight down from about three metres.