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Status Guns & Engineering manufactures Muzzle Brakes for all types of Firearms and is also the New Zealand Agent for Mag-na-port International.

The most noted of the Status Guns Muzzle brakes are the ones designed for the Status 50 BMG Rifle.

Compensated rifles were developed as a result of hunters wishing to avoid frightening game in their immediate surroundings.

In compensating a rifle two things must be achieved: The projectile must not exceed the speed of sound and the gas exiting the muzzle must be captured and released slowly. Status Guns achieves this by using a behind the muzzle compensator and subsonic ammunition.

Status Guns and Engineering make suppressors for all calibres of rifles and pistols, and for single barrel shotguns. Each unit is made individually to specifically fit the firearm on which it is to be used. Materials can be steel, aluminium or plastic depending on customer requirements. Our designs are extremely effective and our research to make an even better product is ongoing. We are also open to suggestions from customers and are always willing to build a suppressor to customers' own designs.