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Metal Finishing

Restoration work

Armourer for Movies and Productions

Forensic Ballistic Consultants

Unusual and unspecified Work


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Action and Trigger alterations and tuning.
Ammunition Reloaded.
Blueing, Browning, Parkerising, Electroless Nickel Plating.
Cases Tumble Polished.
Custom Firearms made to order.
Firearms and Sports Equipment Made or Modified for the Disabled.
Forensic Ballistics
Heavy Weapons Rebuilt for Museums and Collectors
Hunting and Fishing Outfitting
Light Industrial Machinery Repaired
Licensed Armourer for movies and Productions Locksmithing.
Pattern Testing.
Polishing and Bead Blasting.
Proof Testing.
Prototype Development for inventions and Patents.
Rebarrelling and Chambering Standard and Wildcat.
Recoil Pad Fitting.
Shotgun Chokes made, modified and fitted.
Sight and Scope Mounting.
Sports Equipment of all types Repaired.
Status grey Finish on Stainless Steel Firearms
Stocks made, repaired and altered.
Total Refurbishing of all firearms.
Unavailable Parts Made.
Unusual and Unspecified Work Undertaken.
Walnut Stocks,
Welding, Machining, Heat Treating,
Wide Range of Hard -to-get Parts.