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The MAB range of calibres, twist rates and off the shelf profiles are listed below, Ranging from .17cal to .416 cal.

Custom Profiling to the customer's drawing or old barrel or to a known profile (e.g. BSA, Remington, Ruger, SMLE, Longtom etc.) is achieved by (CNC) computer numerical profiling. This means that over 200 profiles are already recorded and may be matched to the customers existing barrel at a nominal charge. This simplifies the installation by the Status Guns as no stock work is required to be carried out to relieve the barrel channel to maintain the full floating gap between the barrel and stock as the manufacturer intended it to be. All barrel blanks must have 25mm (1") removed from the muzzle when being installed.

The full range is available in 4140 high tensile chrom-moly steel (blued) and 416 stainless steel . All barrels are made from steel which has been supplied from the mill in a stress relieved state and to a specification to match MAB's developed criteria. In the process of manufacture a minimum of (2) two more stress relieves are conducted in house using the latest in computer controlled, electric fired, stress relieving oven.

Custom design for the unusual request may be as long as 800mm (31 1/2 ") and a maximum diameter of 50mm (2") in both steels. Don't hesitate to ask for the seemingly impossible, MAB management enjoys the challenge. even if sometimes the staff don't.

Calibres and twist rates


Please note:

All barrels are available in chrom-moly (blued) and stainless steel.
Off the shelf profiles are 660 mm (26") long.
Custom profiling and length up to 800mm (31") are available upon request.
Every blank as supplied should have a minimum of 25mm (1") removed from the muzzle when fitting.

Calibre Twist Rates Remarks
.17 1:10 Stainless steel only
.223 1:16 .22 Rimfire
.224 1:8
1:9, 1:10, 1:12
75/80gr VLD

most popular twist
.243 (6 mm) 1:8
for >105gr,
most popular twist
for PPC
.257 (25 cal) 1:10  
6.5 mm 1:8, 1:9  
.270 (27 cal) 1:10  
7 mm 1:9, 1:10  
.303 British 1:10  
.307 1:10, 1:11, 1:12, 1:13, 1:14 7.62 mm Target Specs
.308 1:10
1:11, 1:12, 1:13, 1:14
most popular twist
.338 1:10  
.357 1:16 .35 Whelan
9.3 mm 1:12  
.375 1:12  
.416 1:15  


Sold by the inch
6.5", 13", and 26" are standard of the shelf
Calibre Twist Rate
9 mm 1:14
.357 1:16

How to shoot in a new barrel